Monday, August 9, 2010

THE Science Center

So all of your Washingtonians know exactly what I'm talking about when you hear The Seattle Science Center! I mean who's lived in WA and hasn't gone there?! haha Well this place was visited many times by the Dunn kids while growing up, and I think every time we had friends or family come and visit we took them here. So of course I had to go and take Owen there to enjoy the wonderful world of SCIENCE! Christanie's parents were in town and little while back and we thought that would be a fun activity to do for the day, especially for Brady. Which I think he had the best time out of all of us for sure! It brought back so many memories being in that place. Seriously, nothing had changed! It was too funny. It's so weird going back to the places you grew up going to as a kid and revisiting them as an adult is just a whole new experience. As kids you are just in your own little world oblivious to so much going on around you! But I loved it and had fun being back in that great place that provided our family with countless hours of pure enjoyment! Thanks mom for being so awesome! :)

Twins!?! (For the day at least!)

I don't think I have informed my blogging buddies that we are currently in the state of Washington for the summer! We are living in Renton and have been here since May. Cory is selling door to door home security systems again for Elite Security and making momma proud hahaha! I was pretty excited to here that we where going to be in the Seattle area for the summer cause I grew up here and my sister Katie's family lives only 4 hours away in Spokane! So when we first got here in the beginning of May I got to watch my little niece Preslie for 2 days while my sister was out of town. It was so much fun, a little crazy, but fun! Owen and Pres got along great until Owen started getting a little jealous that someone else was taking up his momma's time! I pretty much didn't leave the apartment for those 2 days, nervous that there would have been a major catastrophe if we went out! I loved it though and got a taste of what life could be like if we had twins...Here are some cute pictures of Owen and Preslie.



beautiful blue eyes

preslie whats to play...

...but Owen's not interested!

sharing toys

sleeping babes :)