Thursday, May 14, 2009

What A Wonderful First Year

Its been one whole year since Cory and I tied the knot and I have to say my love for him has grown so much! There was so much that happened throughout our first 12 months together and I am grateful for every experience we have had! Our Anniversary is on May 3rd which was a Sunday this we went out the day before to do some celebrating! Cory planned the night for us which included a fun dinner by the beach followed by a walk on the beautiful white sanded beach! Then after that we got some ice cream at a cute little spot. While we were there another couple were there getting some ice cream who we asked to take a picture for us and Cory told them it was our 1st year anniversary. They were very happy for us and said they were going on number 35! They also wished us many more to come! I look forward to the day when Cory and I celebrate 35 years of love and happiness together! Then to finish off the night Cory wanted to get us a fun gift so we picked up a WII on the way home! I cannot wait to get all the mario games to play on it cause thats really all I like hehe! Here are some pictures from the night...oh and on sunday our real anniversary we did the whole tasting of the top of our wedding cake! which was gross and very dry! But atleast we can say we did it!

I Love You So Much Sweetheart! I have never had as much fun in my whole life as I have this past year being married to you! Life is Good!

Another School Year Comes To An End...

I realize that I haven't posted in over a month, but I honestly have not been able to due to school ending, moving for the summer, and not having a working computer! But at last we purchased a new laptop that we have been dreaming about for awhile! So hopefully now I won't have any excusses not to post. Well let me fill you in on some recent happenings in the Evans's Life.

For the past little while Cory has just been finishing up with his junior year at SVU and doing some preseason work/recruiting for the summer. I on the other hand was not doing much but hangout with girfriends and their beautiful babies, and getting everything ready to move down to the Dirty South for the summer...Mobile, AL Baby!

The last week before moving is always caotic but I had lots of time on my hands and two wonderful friends who afford their services. But even with all the craziness of packing we were able to squeeze in one last FHE with our cherished group of friends! Next year we are going to miss the Holt's and the Hansen's very much because lucky JJ and Pete got to graduate this year...congrats guys! It was nice to be all together, minus Holly and Jacob :(, one last time and have a fun little BBQ. Here are a few pictures from the evening! Cory and I have truely enjoyed such wonderful company and lessons each week for FHE...not to mention the always delicious treats! hehe

If I knew how I would photoshop Holly and Jacob in...missed you two very much!

Silly picture take 1...not everyone knew that we were doing one! haha

Silly picture take 2...I honestly don't know what me and Cory are doing!