Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

We had a really fun afternoon during the summer going to the Binder Park Zoo that's located right here in Battle Creek! The park was HUGE so by the time we left all 3 of us were ready for a nap. Seriously this place was so big that there was a tram that takes you to the safari area of the zoo, where we were able to feed the giraffes which was definitely the highlight of the whole trip. So fun! Cory and I had a great time just watching Owen see all the animals and make the animal noises when he pointed them out.

Owen loved getting on all the fake animals.

No he didn't fall down. He was just really sad that his leg was so dirty after crawling through a tunnel. I just had to snap a pic of that face! hehe

Love my two handsome boys.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bombers Baseball Champions 2011 Season

As you all know, Cory works for a the Battle Creek Bombers Collegiate Baseball team out here. He worked his little bum off all season and it sure paid off. This summer they had their most successful season in attendance, profits, and wins! This year was the first time the Bombers ever made it to the Championships and they ended up winning the whole thing! It was very exciting and fun to be apart of. We look forward to this next years season and hope for the same success. Let's Go Bombers!!!

Owen's love/hate relationship with the mascot, MOE! hehe

Owen's Summer 2011





swimming and the beach...

the end.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy "GOLDEN" Anniversary

So I don't know if you celebrate golden anniversaries like you do golden birthdays, but this year it was our 3rd Anniversary on May 3rd so I like to think of it as our "golden" one. I did try hinting a few times to Cory that on your golden anniversary you usually give something gold to your wife. But I guess he just didn't get the message clear enough. Darn. :) We actually did our celebrating a few days early so we could go on a nice, long date just the two of us!! Honestly we were just lovin' being on a date! haha It had been a while since our last one and it was seriously much needed time away and to ourselves. We had dinner at this fun piano bar and restaurant where we ate and enjoyed being entertained by the dueling piano players. It was way fun and they even played Piano Man when we were leaving! My Fav!! Then we caught a movie after and had fun holding hands and cuddling during that. Totally brought me back to our first dating years in high school and how exciting and giddy it felt then and still feels today, but with so much more love and happiness that I have and feel for my man. I could not be happier. Not one bit. I am lucky in love with my BFF!! Happy 3 years Cory Jacob!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter

We had an all around great Easter this year filled with egg hunts, treat filled baskets, fabulous food, and good company. BUT the greatest blessing I had on Easter definitely was being able to teach sharing time in Primary. I love these kids. I learn so much from them and their sweet little examples. I am so grateful that I get to serve in Primary at this time in my life. I see each week why our Savior has taught us to "become as little children." It was such a wonderful time at church and I loved talking to all the children about my love for our Savior and the real reason we celebrate Easter. I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and all that He has done for us all. He lives! "I know that my Redeemer lives!"

Here is Owen enjoying all the new goodies he got in his Easter basket. He started to really get into Elmo recently so we thought an Elmo doll would be fun along with a new dvd and bubble gun! He was too cute to watch while looking and finding all the eggs around the house. Of course he called the eggs "balls." haha He is such a sporty little boy. I wonder where he gets that from? hmmm.

Cutest kid EVER!! I about died when I got him all dressed up in his new Easter shirt and tie. ADORABLE!!

And here he is hunting for eggs again at our friends house. He was totally spoiled here when he came across some eggs with money in them!! Holla!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Corned Beef and Cabbage

This year for St. Patty's day I wanted to have some fun and really celebrate this holiday to the fullest...well maybe not to the fullest. haha But I really wanted to make a traditional St. Patrick's Day dish. So for the first time I made corned beef and cabbage for our dinner and we thought I thought it turned out pretty good. We also started the day off with a bowl full of Lucky Charms and then snacked on some golden wrapped chocolates in my pot of gold candy dish. haha I know. I was a little crazy, but we had fun! Also no doubt I sneaked in a shamrock shake from McyD's during the day as well!! Hope you all had a fun day wearing green and talking with an Irish accent...you know I did. :)

My two Leprechauns

I was saying "top of the morning" and Owen was not liking it! haha