Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And Lastly...Chicago!

The last leg of our long Christmas Break trip was back home to Chicago to visit Cory's Family and some of mine as well! I wish I had some pictures of when we did this really fun mystery dinner game night, but i don't. It was a blast though, thank-you again Matt and Val for getting it! So, we all dressed up into different charaters that were invited to a dinner party where someone got murdered! It is just like the movie/game Clue! It was really nice to be back home with family being able to relax and spend time together. Cory got to play alot of basketball and video games, of course! We were able to celebrate New Years Eve there too! Growing up Cory's family has a tradition to throw tons of confetti all over when the clock hits midnight, so I decided we need to do it again! Cory and I are so blessed to have such wonderful families and had such a great time with all of them this past Christmas Season! We love you all and miss you even more!

This picture cracks me up! Only ten minutes till 2009 and all the adults are passed out and the kids still wide awake playing downstairs!Of course Cory has to be in the middle throwing confetti at everyone! He's such a cute kid! hahaHAPPY NEW YEARS BABY! 2009 IS GONNA BE FINE! WHOOP WHOOP!
Video of right before Midnight!
And this one is us celebrating!


The day after Cory's Birthday I was on my way to Utah for my sister Jenna's Wedding!!! I wanted to get there a little early to help out with things before the big day, but little did I know that my trip was going to take much longer than planned to get there. Never again will I choose to stop in Chicago for a lay-over during the winter time! Thank-goodness my dad was there and could come and get me for the night. However, we only got 3 hours of sleep before having to get up and go back to the airport. To make a long story short there was more complications that made me look probably somewhat like a lunatic running through the O'Hare Airport with two bags of luggage and crying hysterically! But I had been traveling for over 112 hours straight by then with only 3 hours of sleep! But I did make it to Utah and hit the ground running with all that needed to be done before Saturday! The day I got there I had to make 140 truffles with my mom and sister's for the wedding favors and then help Jenna pack and move all her things to her new place. On Friday we got to have a little girl fun by going and getting pampered for the big event, followed by a bridal shower! It turned out really great with lots of food, friends, games, and gifts! Then the day had finally come and it was such an incredible Temple Marriage and Reception! I am so happy for Jenna and Bennett!!! Love you two so much!

Madison givign Brooklin a pedicure! Love these girls!
Me and Brookie!

My Beautiful Sister-in-Law Amber! (can you believe she just had a baby!!)

Ooooh la la

Brooklin loves playing dress-up...and she thought these were some pretty dresses :)

It was so good to see good friends that live so far away from me!
(Michelle and Katie Shakespeare)

My Mal! Another great friend I haven't seen for awhile!


The Bridesmaids and Flower Girls

Cory with two little princesses!

C-Dawg and Linds-Dawg

After the craziness of the wedding had passed, it was time to just relax and hangout with the fam! Because we where all there for the wedding and it was so close to Christmas we were able to have mostly all of us there the spend it together! It gets really hard somedays being so far away from both mine and Cory's families that I cherish the time we have together! But I don't recommend spending Christmas in a hotel if you don't have to...its jsut not the same as being at home. But always the important part was being able to be with family!

All of us to eat! I miss all being together!

We had a very traditional Christmas Day a Japanese Restuarant of cousre!

(Brooklin, Amber, Newest member - Baby Ella, Tyler, and Christian)(Rob, Madi, and Katie)

(Me, Cory, Dad and Mom)

My brother Tyler (the new dad!) with his lil angel Ella, and Brooklin admiring her new "baby doll" cousin

Christmas 2008 - First one as a married couple!

Sorry For The LONG Delay...Here Are Some Updates!

First...On December 15th we celebrated Cory's 23rd Birthday! It was a lot of fun and Cory was looking forward to this day forever because for an entire year he can now be the number 23--- Michael Jordan's #!!! I cannot even tell you how many times I heard him repeat "This is going to be the best year ever cuase I am MJ's #!" Oh, how I love my crazy husband! And I just want to say how happy, grateful, and blessed I am to have him in my life! Happy belated Birthday Sweetheart...I love you!

Side Note - Don't stand so close to Cory when he is blowing out may get a face full of hot wax! (not saying that I did or anything)