Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Recent Happenings...

I know I haven't posted in awhile and I think its about time! I love the fall season, and for the first time I am spending it in Virginia, which in my opinion has the most beautiful fall weather! The leaves are changing with a cool breeze in the air, everyone's getting costumes and lots of treats to share! :) Just a little rhyme for you all! Well to catch everyone up on our lives recently, I will start with with the volleyball intramurals. Cory, Wesley (cory's younger brother), JJ and Christanie (our neighbors/friends) put a team together that completely dominated! I was on baby duty with JJ and Christanie's adorable baby boy, Brady, which I totally volunteered for knowing that if I played I would only be hurting the team. :) It was alot of fun and they came out as champs in the end with winning shirts and all!

Next Cory and I where able to take a fun trip to the WA DC temple! At SVU they have a tradition were they take one day out of the semester for anyone who is interested in going to the temple for the day; free bus ride and lunch included! I am so glad we were able to do that it is such a beautiful temple!

Lastly, yesterday for FHE we got together with JJ and Christanie for some pumpkin carving!! We had a really great time and I made some yummy fruit pizza for dessert (even though thats not really a fall treat). Can you quess which one is Cory's?? Of course he did the MJ #23 one, I did the spider, Christanie did the cat, and JJ did the face. We are so blessed to live next to such great friends and we always love the time we spend together! The last picture is of Cory holding Brady from last night...he is so cute and we love playing with that little guy any chance we get!