Monday, June 28, 2010

4 Months...

I know that this is 2 months late, but I am just trying to update you all on Owen and his milestones. I wish I had been better about writing things down each time Owen did something exciting and new because now it's so much harder to just try and remember things off the top of my head, especially with a memory like mine.

Stats from his 4 month appointment...
Height--25 1/2inches (above average)
Weight--14.3 (average)

After his check-up I knew I was ready to start him on some rice cereal because I wanted to get him sleeping through the whole night and I thought maybe filling him up on more than just milk would do the trick. He actually did really well his first time and quickly became a pro at eating from a spoon!

Also, by this time Owen had been rolling over a little...meaning that he only would go from his tummy to his back and it didn't happen that often. I would always joke that he is just plain lazy and his mom would come get him if he got to upset with being on his tummy too long. Which sadly was very true! So up until about 2 weeks ago Owen really wasn't showing much interest in being mobile at all, but now he is rolling and scooting in circles all the time! Sometimes I miss not having to worry about putting him on the bed while I run to get something in fear that he may fall off, but I am glad that he has finally wanted to be a little more of a rollie-pollie these days :)

Here are some pictures of Owen trying out that rice cereal for the first time and then some of him in the awesome car stroller his Papa Dunn takes him for walks in.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ya thats right...I'm a college graduate!

Wishing the title was pertaining to me, however Cory is the one who graduated from SVU this past May!!! Hooray, what an accomplishment! The week leading up to the big ceremony on May 1st was a BUSY one. Lots of packing and cleaning to get ready for the cross country move to Seattle for the summer. As well as crazy me wanting to throw Cory a last minute Grad Party just two days before we left! But we were so glad we did so we could spend a little more time chatting and playing games with some of our wonderful friends we'd made while living in Virginia. Moves are always a bittersweet thing, and we sure miss all our BV friends!! But we both agreed that it was time for us to move on to the next phase of our lives, whatever that may be...hehe. We have truly loved our time spent in Virginia and all the experiences Cory had while going to SVU. Virginia will always have a little special place in my heart because that's where we made some of the sweetest memories so far for our little family. Some days I just miss that small town feeling :) Here are a few pictures of Cory graduating and us in front of our house we lived in this past school year.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mom and Dad for coming out and supporting Cory, and helping us finish off the huge task of moving! We couldn't of done it without you!

And we're off!!!