Sunday, December 13, 2009

**38 Weeks**

Here is a lovely shot of me at 38 weeks...ready to POP! This weekend started off with a great little date night of Cory and I ordering some pizza and getting this place all ready for our baby to come! I definitely was feeling a little anxious this past week thinking of all the things we needed to get done, but after friday night I was feeling much better and ready for our boy to arrive now!

Then on Saturday Cory had a great home game where they beat EMU!! The SVU barn was packed for the game which made it very hot for me, but it was still a very fun and exciting game! Then that night was our Ward Christmas Party. Food, entertainment, and friends always make it a good night! I asked Cory before we went to the party to remind me to have someone take a picture of us so we don't have to take a head shot of ourselves. Well as you can tell we both forgot. :) Oh well! I think everyone needs to bust out in singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" because thats how far away it is and my due date!!! woohoo!