Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy "GOLDEN" Anniversary

So I don't know if you celebrate golden anniversaries like you do golden birthdays, but this year it was our 3rd Anniversary on May 3rd so I like to think of it as our "golden" one. I did try hinting a few times to Cory that on your golden anniversary you usually give something gold to your wife. But I guess he just didn't get the message clear enough. Darn. :) We actually did our celebrating a few days early so we could go on a nice, long date just the two of us!! Honestly we were just lovin' being on a date! haha It had been a while since our last one and it was seriously much needed time away and to ourselves. We had dinner at this fun piano bar and restaurant where we ate and enjoyed being entertained by the dueling piano players. It was way fun and they even played Piano Man when we were leaving! My Fav!! Then we caught a movie after and had fun holding hands and cuddling during that. Totally brought me back to our first dating years in high school and how exciting and giddy it felt then and still feels today, but with so much more love and happiness that I have and feel for my man. I could not be happier. Not one bit. I am lucky in love with my BFF!! Happy 3 years Cory Jacob!!