Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

We had a really fun afternoon during the summer going to the Binder Park Zoo that's located right here in Battle Creek! The park was HUGE so by the time we left all 3 of us were ready for a nap. Seriously this place was so big that there was a tram that takes you to the safari area of the zoo, where we were able to feed the giraffes which was definitely the highlight of the whole trip. So fun! Cory and I had a great time just watching Owen see all the animals and make the animal noises when he pointed them out.

Owen loved getting on all the fake animals.

No he didn't fall down. He was just really sad that his leg was so dirty after crawling through a tunnel. I just had to snap a pic of that face! hehe

Love my two handsome boys.

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Jenna said...

LOVE ALL THE NEW POSTS!! I've missed seeing my Owie on here :) And yes, I checked the "sweet potato" countdown. YAY!